Flatwork Ironer Multiroll

CM-80304 - From 8 to 15 linen/min

Flatwork Ironer Multiroll
From 8 to 15 linen/min

Flatwork Ironer Multiroll - Gas, Steam or Electric Heating

IRON WITHOUT PRÉ DRIED from 8 to 15 sheets per minute

Model CM-80304 - 4 Cylinders Ø 800 x 3 meters - Designed to pass and dry the sheets WITHOUT PRÉ DRIED, directly from the washer-extractor, saving process time, thermal energy, labor, and physical space inside the laundry

Grampos fabricados em aço inoxidável com reforço longitudinal Aquecimento Eficiente (Elétrico, Gás ou Vapor) Rolete High Tech - Grande resistência a temperatura e ao desgaste Garantia 12 meses TOTAL Não necessita de PRÉ SECAGEM Pintura a pó (eletrostática), melhor acabamento e durabilidade das peças Economia de Energia Térmica, melhor aproveitamento do calor gerado Cilindro Inoxidável Grande área de contato do lençol com o cilindro aquecido Baixa Pressão de Vapor, rede mais barata, menor índice de manutenção Norma de segurança NR12 Inversor de Frequência Fácil Manutenção


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Designed to dry and iron flat fabrics, reducing the need for dryers inside the laundry, ironing and drying sheets WITHOUT PRE-DRYING, directly from the washer-extractor, saving process time, thermal energy, labor, and physical space within the laundry.

With its cylinder completely machined and manufactured in stainless steel, with a totally smooth and rectified surface, allied to the special extrafine tape system, made with reinforced fibers and extremely flexible, to increase its tensile strength, all this resulting in a perfect finishing.

Its full and digital command panel controls the temperature and speed of ironing. Mounted with a high technology frequency inverter that allows the operator to work with several speeds, adjusting them according to the types of fabrics and their moisture content.

Designed with environmental concern that provides low energy consumption. The internal heating system of the main cylinder, added to the wide area of contact between the cylinder and the ironed clothes, guarantee an optimal use of the heat generated, avoiding waste and reducing the consumption of thermal energy, whether gas, electric or steam.

Mounted with mechanical transmission system with motor-reducer and gears that are controlled by the frequency inverter, which allows a smooth operation without jerks, increasing the life of the entire calender.

All the protections of the Calandra, although safe, when they are opened guarantee total access to all the components, facilitating the change and maintenance of the pieces.

In models with gas heating, the main cylinder is supported on special high-tech rollers, with special material that withstands high temperatures, has high resistance to traction and its surface is malleable and does not mark or damage the main cylinder.

The entrance tapes of clothes, as well as the exit tapes, are at an appropriate height, facilitating the operator to place clothes comfortably, allowing a greater work performance, safely and ergonomically.

Ribbons of high resistance to temperature and traction are used.

The Mamute Multi-roller calenders can be supplied with steam or gas heating (LPG or CNG). The steam calenders are manufactured with up to 4 cylinders. The gas calenders are produced with 2 or 3 cylinders.

Compact, robust and efficient. With high-tech rotating union, with 2 guide coils, in a single body, with convex carbon sealing ring, it does not need lubrication.

Com exclusive triple ignition electrode system, high efficiency, with instant ignition and built-in flame sensor, resulting in high power, blue flame and gas economy.

Developed by Mamute engineering, manufactured with material developed to withstand high temperatures, with high resistance to wear, it does not mark or damage the main cylinders.

Mounted together, machined and precisely

Disconnect the Calender in case of accidental touch on the grate.

Simple and robust, easy to maintain, with motor-reducer and gears, commanded by a high-tech frequency inverter, guaranteeing speed control and smooth operation.

Mounted with high performance float type trap, coupled to a "Y" filter, and with a By-Pass system to facilitate the removal of excess water from inside the cylinder.

The system of internal heating of the cylinder, added to the wide area of contact between the cylinder and the clothes that are being ironed, guarantee an optimal use of the generated heat, avoiding waste and reducing the consumption of thermal energy.

Ironing Capacity - 8 up to 15 sheets / min WITHOUT Pré Drying
Cylinder Ø 800 x 3000 mm
Number of cylinders - 4 cylinders
Maximum speed - 30 m / min
Gas Heating (LPG on NGV), Electric or Steam
Power of cylinder motor - 3 kw
External Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) - 4125 x 1380 x 4310 mm

STEAM Heating
Power of the Heating System - 310,000 kcal
Average steam consumption - 580 kg / h
Power consumption - 3 kw / h

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