Linen Folder

DL-530 - 5 FOLDS x 3 METERS

Linen Folder

Linen Folder Mamute – Performs up to 5 full folds – 3 meters

Model DL-530 – Device aimed at folding flat textiles. Fully automatic operation, with sensors to measure and position the parts to be folded.

Versatility and high production. Speed up to 50m/min

Equipamento totalmente pneumático - economia de energia elétrica Montado com Inversor de Frequência de alta tecnologia Equipamento de fácil manutenção e ajustes Norma de segurança NR12 Garantia 12 meses TOTAL


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Device aimed at folding flat textiles. Fully automatic operation, with sensors to measure and position the parts to be folded.
Versatility and high production.

Performs up to 5 full folds, serving several piece sizes and folds types. It allows executing from 1 to 5 folds according to the type of part and necessary folds, being totally programmable.

All drives are pneumatic, ensuring greater accuracy and repeatability.

Simplified operation and maintenance.

Without using any operator, it works with a high production Flatwork Ironer, folding the bed sheets automatically. It can be optionally coupled to a forklift with a mat to remove the folded clothes.

With the opening of the sides it has easy access to all the components, making the preventive and corrective maintenance easier.
Its control panel is digital and complete.

It allows to store up to 50 complete programs in the memory, being one for each type of pieces and folds that you wish.

Touch Screen with programming of all steps, folds, parameters, parts counter, folding speed, among other commands.

This folding machine has a hinged clothes entrance arm, adapts practically to any Flatwork Ironer, respecting e meters maximum length.

The speed of the folder can also be adjusted according to the speed of the Flatwork Ironer, ensuring a perfect entry of clothes.

It can be attached to the outlet of Mamute’s Folding machine. This equipment guarantees high production, making it possible to program the number of pieces in each stack. All the stacked pieces leave through a mat, making the withdrawal easier to a later packaging.

High precision equipment, with the third fold being executed by a knife system pneumatically operated, guaranteeing the folding at the right time and place, ensuring that the dimensions are always the same and the middle fold (third fold) is always the same.

Complete control panel with Touch Screen allows to program different types of folds, with control and sensors to visualize the passage of the bed sheets, to measure the length and to execute the fold in the size and the programmed profile. It allows fine adjustments for better quality and finishing of the folds. It also allows executing a basic program that executes 5 folds always in the middle, independent from the size of the pieces, facilitating the operation, not being necessary the separation of the pieces.

Complete panel, with intelligent board interconnected to the interface and controlling all the functions of the folder. It contains high-tech Frequency Inverter.

View of the output already folded clothes. It contains elastic tapes for better adjustment regardless of the height of the folded clothing, ensuring quality and accuracy. At this point the Forklift can be optionally installed.

Electromechanical device for counting the electric pulses, developed by Mamute’s engineering with double sensor to read the length of the clothes, ensuring the accuracy of the fold in the programmed place.

Folding Capacity - From 1 to 5 folds
Maximum width of the linen - 3 meters
Velocity - 50m/min
Motor Power – 1,5 kw
Pneumatic Drive
PCL Touch Screen
Third fold with knife
External Dimensions W x H x D - 4120 x 1850 x 2480 mm

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