Tilting Washer Extractor

LEB-200 AS - 200 kg

Tilting Washer Extractor
200 kg

Model LEB-200 AS – Automatic Washer Extractor High Spin, designed to wash clothes with high technology and low operating cost.

Designed according to international requirements

High extraction power, Factor G 300

Fechamento externo e partes em contato com o banho em Aço INOX Cesto projetado para melhor qualidade de lavagem Pintura a pó (eletrostática), melhor acabamento e durabilidade das peças CLP Ecosystem M2 Montado com Inversor de Frequência de alta tecnologia Equipamento Nacional, robusto e de fácil manutenção Garantia 12 meses TOTAL Norma de segurança NR12 Alto poder de centrifugação - Força G 320 Saída USB para dados Suspensão inteligente com Molas e Amortecedores Reuso de Água - Possibilita economia de até 30%



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Automatic High Spin Tilting Extractor Washer, designed to high production, washes clothes with high technology and low operational cost. High spin power, Factor G 300.

Manufactured with exclusive tilting system for loading and unloading. It allows tilting with angular movements up to 120 degrees, being 90 degrees up, making it possible to load clothes through a mezzanine; it can also be loaded with monorails and / or bags, tilting 45 degrees. The discharge can be done on treadmills, tilting the machine’s mouth up to 30 degrees forward.

Developed with environmental concern, focused on saving water and inputs, with a great Sustainability Factor, which among other resources, has minimal clearance between the external body and the drum, requiring little water to wash clothes, using less power, less consumption of chemicals, reducing the need for manpower, etc.
Contains full automated control panel, with M2 Ecosystem PLC, controlling the whole process, connected to a high-tech Frequency Inverter which coordinates all the movements of the drum, controlling the acceleration and deceleration ramps. It also controls the entire dosage of chemicals, water levels, heating, rotation, spin speed, among other features.

Assembled with smart air suspension, with high technology, controlled by leveling valves controlled by a PLC that coordinates all the movements of the suspension, filling or emptying the pneumatic springs according to the vibration and positioning of the clothes, guaranteeing stable equipment, absorbing almost 100% of the vibration. Its high Factor G allows clothes to go out almost dry, reducing time and saving energy in subsequent processes such as drying and ironing.

It allows the reuse of water, as well as intermediate spinning, achieving on average 30% of water savings.


The installed power is only 30 kw with dynamically fully balanced drums, in addition to other applied technologies, resulting in energy savings, reducing the cost per kilogram of laundry, increasing the productivity inside the laundry room.


Controls all process steps automatically, monitoring water inlets, drains, heating, levels, dosing of chemicals, etc.

Up to 30 full programs can be stored in memory

Enables to save and copy wash presets and internal machine parameters to a Pen Drive. It allows transfer of data between one machine and another, standardizing the results.

MAMUTE EXCLUSIVE TECHNOLOGY: M2 Ecosystem PLC allows doing one more washing process per day! Just load the washing machine at the end of the day, choose the preset and the time it will start. Thus, at the beginning of the next shift the clothes will already be prompt, increasing the productivity of the laundry, performing one more cycle of working day without using any operator.
Download Position

Loading Position through the mezzanine
Position for Loading through bags or automatic systems
Compact transmission
Polished Drum
Pneumatic Suspension
Controlled automatically by the PLC with two water inlets and two drains, allowing the water reuse, resulting up to 30% savings.

Capacity - Load Capacity 1:10 = 200 kg
Internal Drum Diameter - Ø 1470 x 1180 mm (Volume 2002 liters)
Average Rotation Speed 605 rpm - Factor G 300
Motor Power – 30 kw
Average Power Consume – 9,8 kw/h
External Dimensions (W x H x D - 2865 x 2665 x 2865 mm)
Smart Pneumatic Supension

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