Tumble Dryers

S-120 - 120 kg

Tumble Dryers
120 kg

Tumble Dryer - Electric, Gas or Steam Heating - 120 kg

Model S-120 - Mamute dryers, designed for high productivity with low operational cost. Control panel with Ecosystem M4 PLC, fully automatic and with the possibility of storing up to 20 programs in the memory.

Garantia 12 meses TOTAL Cesto projetado para melhor qualidade de secagem Manutenção Facilitada Exaustão eficiente, retira todo o excesso de umidade das roupas Pintura a pó (eletrostática), melhor acabamento e durabilidade das peças Reversão do Cesto - Eficiente para que roupas compridas não embolem Norma de segurança NR12 Secagem automática - Maior vida útil das roupas e economia de energia Painel de comando - CLP Ecosystem M4


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MODEL S-120 - CAPACIDAD 120 kg

The drying process is one of the elements that consume the most energy in a washing machine, because Mamute developed its dryers in order to optimize the maximum energy spent, obtaining optimal results, allying high production with energy efficiency.

They have been designed to operate fully automatically, and are equipped with modern PLC Ecosystem M4, complete model, suitable for any type of drying, serving any segment of laundry, whether hospital, hotel, industrial, uniforms, commercial, wetcleaning, among others.
They are synonymous with high productivity with low operational cost.

The modern and safe project gives its heating chamber, its efficient extractor system with injected rotor, electronic temperature reading, automatic drying control software, possibility of executing internal drum reversion, carefully defined drum rotation, total control of drying and of the cooling, are characteristics that allied avoid the premature wear of the fabrics and reduces the time of drying.

Structure manufactured in monobloc system. It does not require maintenance in the lateral parts, it occupies little space, making it possible to install the dryers next to each other or close to a wall. Its maintenance is facilitated, although totally hermetic for security, it has easy access for preventive, corrective maintenance or simple adjustments and cleaning.

Its plush drawer is very wide and installed on the front, easy to open and clean. Safe, totally enclosed equipment with isolated mobile components.
In the 12 kg dryers the mechanical transmission is compact, designed with a mechanical gearmotor coupled directly to the basket axis and driven by a high-tech frequency inverter.

Fully automated operation, with control of all phases of the process through its PLC Ecosystem M4. It has the capacity to store up to 20 complete programs in memory.

Mamute Technology: It also stores 3 more automatic drying programs, where the dryer itself automatically switches off when the clothes are dry with the desired moisture content and programmed. It does not use a moisture sensor but a smart Mamute software to identify the desired level of drying. They are manufactured with electric, gas or steam heating.


Modern and complete control panel. Stores up to 20 complete programs in memory with control of cycle time, cooling, temperature and internal basket reversal. Totally digital and configurable.

Effective extraction system, removing all excess moisture from clothes. Manufactured with injected, balanced and light rotor, with high power but silent and without vibrations.

It allows controlled drying through the automatic drying programs, indicated for drying delicate clothes washed by the wetcleaning process.

Totally safe equipment, meeting the requirements of safety standards according to the classification of each type of risk.

It makes possible to work with the system of cards, with purse for storage of the same. Automatic control panel and microprocessor with 3 drying programs, for high, medium and low temperature.

Mamute equipment has a full 12-month warranty, covering all parts, including those manufactured by us, such as plates, CLPs, relays, motors, etc.

Designed to maximize the quality and productivity of drying, allying the design of the basket with the rotation, the extraction system and the power of the burners, resulting in drying in less time and with lower operational cost.

Robust equipment with simple and reliable mechanics, combining with the intelligent use of all electric and electronic parts, with high quality and standardized components, facilitating its obtaining in the replacement market.

All the pieces are treated chemically and painted with powder (electrostatic painting) that provide an optimal finish and aesthetics, as well as an optimal protection to external agents, increasing their useful life, avoiding premature problems with oxidation.

Important resource that allows a more efficient and equal drying in all tissues, mainly long fabrics such as sheets, preventing them from embolem and remain moist in the central part.

It allows the CLP Ecosystem M4 to store 3 automatic drying programs in the memory, where the dryer itself switches off only when the laundry is dry with the desired and programmed moisture content. It does not use the humidity sensor, but an intelligent Mamute software to identify the desired level of drying

PLC Ecosystem M4
Ability to store up to 20 complete programs in memory.
Total control of the entire drying process, with monitoring of the drying temperature, cooling stage, control of the reversion of the basket, control of the drying time, security elements with monitoring of the opening of the doors and cleaning drawers .
Panel fully parametrizable, adjusting to the type of heating of each dryer, whether electric, gas or with steam heating.

The Mamut Dryers are manufactured with injected rotors, high precision and dynamically balanced, reducing the noise level and avoiding excessive vibrations. They have high flow. All the heat generated by the heating chamber is obtained to pass through the fibers of the clothes to be dried, avoiding loss of hot air, increasing the productivity of the dryers and reducing their drying cost per kg of dry clothes.
Rotor Ø 400 mm - Flow rate 38 m3 / min

The dryers developed by Mamute were designed with the concern of obtaining high performance with savings of thermal energy generated, resulting in lower operational cost, lower cost per kilo of dry clothes.
With this objective we project our heating chambers, whether electric, gas or steam, with modern technology, easy maintenance, high durability, and optimum performance.
The following are the characteristics of each Mamut heating chamber:

System designed with triple ignition electrode, air mixer, valves and sensors, which results in high efficiency in the equipment, with instantaneous ignition and built-in flame sensor. Mounted with specially designed valves to safely service the gas heating systems, in compliance with the NBR 12.313 standard. Complete system that guarantees perfect burning of the gas, resulting in a bluish flame and low consumption, thus reducing the cost of the kg of dried clothes.

It has a steam chamber mounted with copper tubes and aluminum fins, high heat dissipation generated. It contains a filter cloth. Automatic steam inlet controlled by a solenoid valve with Teflon inlet, which connects or disconnects the steam supply according to the programmed temperature. Condensate outlet mounted with float type vent, guaranteeing high performance. The compact camera, high power, combined with the efficient extraction system, results in a perfect drying and thermal energy saving.

Heating chamber mounted with finned tubular resistances, with a large heat dissipation area generated. The resistances are mounted in a system of pads, with 5.5 kw and 3 resistances in each pad, facilitating its change and / or maintenance. Its compact mounting prevents the circulation of cold air between the resistors, heating equally and saving energy in the drying process.
Automatic temperature control in the dryer panel itself, turning the camera on and off according to the desired temperature.

Capacity - Load factor 1:18 = 135 kg
Capacity - Load factor 1:20 = 120 kg
Dimensions of the internal drum - Ø 1650x1140 mm (Volume 2440 liters)
Drum motor power - 3 kw
Exhaust motor power - 2 x 1.5 kw
External Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) - 1785x2360x2090 mm

Power electric camera - 99 kw
Medium electrical consumption - 75.3 kw / h

Power gas chamber - 120,400 kcal
Consumption of LPG gas - 7.3 kg / h
Consumption of CNG gas - 8.9 m³ / h
Medium power consumption - 6 kw / h

Steam chamber power - 150,000 kcal
Steam consumption - 240 kg / h
Medium power consumption - 6 kw / h

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